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Kira Toussaint testet positiv for brug af doping

20. december 2018, AF Jon Langberg

Hollandske Kira Toussaint er blevet testet positiv for brug af det forbudte stof tulobuterol. Kira meldte afbud til VM Kortbane på grund af sygdom, men det viser sig nu at den virkelige grund var en doping dom, tilbage fra World Cup stævnet i Beijing den 2. november.

Toussaint er ryg crawler, og vandt blandt andet sølv til EM Kortbane i København 2017 på 100 ryg.

Kira har skrevet et langt indlæg på Instagram, hvor hun erklærer sin uskyld - det kan du læse herunder:

Today, I like to share my story with you, because I am innocent and I am convinced that the truth will prevail.

On the 7th of December 2018, just before the start of the World Swimming Championships in Hangzhou (China) I was notified by FINA that I tested positive for the substance: Tulobuterol.

The urine sample was collected during a doping test on the 2nd of November 2018 during the World Cup Swimming in Beijing.  Tulobuterol is a substance that has a prolonged bronchodilator effect. The medicine can be administered using an inhaler or using a patch applied to the skin, or like clenbuterol, for example via contaminated food.

I am an asthma patient and to treat my asthmatic condition I use another medication. The medication I use is allowed and has the same effect as Tulobuterol. Reportedly Tulobuterol is not available in Europe. It is predominantly available in seven countries in Asia, including China.

It is completely unknown to me how this substance has entered my body. I strongly believe in a clean sport and I support anti-doping measures for 100%. Never in my life have I been in contact with doping or have I used doping. I have always been very outspoken against the use of doping. I can honestly say that I never took this substance knowingly.

Because the notification of the positive test coincided with the start of the WC, it was decided that I would not start. That same night (December 7th, 2018), I was on a plane back to the Netherlands. I was devastated. It was so unreal, I cried and cried during my flight home. It felt so unjust. I lived up to this tournament for the last couple of months. I was in the form of my life, yet I was going home. Through the media, the Royal Dutch Swimming Federation has communicated that I was going home ‘sick’.

I also find it terrible that I could not honestly tell why I could not participate in the WC. The past few weeks have been a nightmare for me. Especially while the WC were still taking place. It was fortunate that I am surrounded by family and friends that have supported me tremendously.

I also did experience great support from the Royal Dutch Swimming Federation, they even sent me flowers.

At present we are working hard to investigate how the substance could have entered my body. Because I know that I did not take any illegal substance, I have full confidence that in the end everything will be all right.

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