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Viktor Bromer skifter til det Nationale Træningscenter

5. juli 2017, AF Jon Langberg

Viktor Bromer har besluttet sig for at skifte træningssted fra Aalborg Svømmeklub til det Nationale Træningscenter i Bellahøj. Viktor begrunder skiftet med et behov for at blive presset ud af sin komfortzone.

Han skriver på sin Instagram profil:

For the last 5 years I have been so lucky to call Aalborg swimming team my home. I have reached goals I've could only have dreamed of and I have swom faster then I could have ever imagined. But no matter how good a program is, at some point it becomes your comfort zone, and no one has ever evolved when in their comfort zone. That is why I have decided to seek out new challenges, at the NTC in Copenhagen after the world championships in Budapest this summer. Thank you, to all my teammates, all the coaches, club members and board members. Thank you for pushing me, helping me and guiding me, to become the swimmer and the man I am today. there will always be a AS logo on my shirt, and I promise to come back home to visit, from time to time.

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